Essential Etiquette

  • I will ask you to message me at a certain time before our rendezvous to confirm that you'll be on time. Please do so in order to keep our time together. This assures me that you are coming and gives me enough time to prepare. If I don't hear from you, I'll assume something has come up and you won't be able to make it.
  • Kindly arrive on time. If you are going to be late, please let me know.
  • Please place donations in an envelope in plain sight, respecting the amount discussed. Let's get this formality out of the way swiftly so that we may enjoy our time together!
  • Cleanliness is wonderful. I will ask you to take a quick shower before we begin. Clean, short fingernails are also a most pleasant experience.
    • A bit of mouthwash before an encounter is always available and appreciated. However, for safety reasons (to avoid bleeding gums), please don't brush your teeth right before our encounter.

Cancellation Policy

If for some reason you can no longer make it for our rendezvous, please contact me right away! I am very understanding, and with >24h notice, it is not an issue at all.

For less than 24h notice, I ask a 25% compensatory donation as a professional courtesy (via Interac e-Transfer, preferably), as well as a gesture of respect and good will. This also applies for failing to confirm when I've asked or for confirming and then failing to arrive without further notice.

Kindly understand, my time is very important to me. I take care getting ready for a date, and time that I reserve for you is time that I withhold from all other demands on it. We cannot see each other again until cancellation fees are paid.

Parlez-vous français?

Oui! Je suis anglo-québécoise de naissance. Je parle les deux langues, et je peux lire et écrire en français. En parlant, je suis plus à l'aise en anglais qu'en français, donc je demande seulement un peu de patience pour mes efforts. Pour une session de domination, je préfère parler pour la plupart en anglais, mais on peut discuter en français au début. En tout cas, je peux toujours clarifier en français.

I've never done this before. Can I still see you for a session?

Of course! I'm happy to plan a rendezvous regardless of your experience, as long as you are respectful, courteous, and willing to follow my booking process. Some of my favourite guests were new to seeing providers. I'm friendly and outgoing, and I've been told I'm very good at putting people at ease. I love having the opportunity to connect with someone who usually considers themself shy or reserved.

I especially delight in providing early experiences in BDSM that are safe, consensual, and mindful of your needs and limits. I don't believe in a hierarchy where some kinks are better than others. For me, it's all about finding the intersection of our interests and exploring that to its fullest, creating beautiful and intense moments in the process.

Do you provide incalls? Where do you receive?

Yes, incalls are available in downtown Montréal, near Guy-Concordia metro. My cozy private space is fully equipped for sensual or kinky encounters, and has more than adequate air-conditioning for hot summer days. I will happily provide more location details when we book a rendezvous together.

My incall is unfortunately not very accessible to people with reduced mobility, as there is no elevator and a few flights of stairs. I can provide more specific details privately if needed. Please let me know if this is a concern for you so that we can discuss other options.

Do you provide residential outcalls?

House calls are available for repeat clients with whom I have an established rapport, with enough notice and within a reasonable distance of where I receive.

First-time residential outcalls are available at my discretion and absolutely require at least two references or alternative screening information.

Outcalls to hotels in the downtown core are always possible. For hotels in other areas, please inquire about the travel fee.

Do you offer half-hour sessions? What is your minimum booking?

My minimum booking is 1h on weekdays and 1h30 on weekends. You are welcome to spend the entire time in my company, or leave when it suits you, as you wish.

What's the difference between "Available" and "Prebooking Only"?

During my Available hours, I'm generally open to sessions with new or returning guests on 2-3h notice. As it takes time and preparation to get ready for a rendezvous, I need a minimum of 1h notice even during my available hours, more if an outcall is requested. These are also the hours I prefer to see guests, when I am naturally at my most energetic and outgoing.

For any time marked Prebooking Only, I ask that you make your request at least 24h in advance. However, I can usually accommodate same-day evening bookings if you contact me before or during my available hours. For weekends or Monday mornings, please book by Friday at the latest, as I check my messages very minimally over the weekend.

Can I call you?

Although I prefer email communications, or text in a pinch, I'm open to a brief phone conversation if that would put you at ease. Please email or text first to establish a mutually convenient time, as I am rarely able to answer an unexpected phone call.

I'd love to see you, but I live in X city. Do you travel? How can we make this happen?

While I adore travelling, I have a number of personal commitments that keep me in Montréal most of the time. I aim to visit Ottawa a few times per year, although I don't have specific travel plans at this time. Apart from that, I don't tour.

If you're located elsewhere in Canada or in Europe, I'd be happy to discuss the possibilities for bringing me to you for a rendezvous! At this time, I will not visit the US.

What are your massage sessions like?

I delight in offering full-body massage as an option for what kind of encounter we can share. You'll get to lie back, relax, and enjoy some intimate one-way touch, culminating in a final release. I love working out any knots, aches, or pains you may have with sensuality and skill. Please let me know ahead of time if you'd like to receive touch on a massage table or bed; I use a firm bed if you don't specify.

I'm currently a Swedish massage therapy student, so I offer these sessions at a lesser rate than my usual rendezvous only to those interested in my intention of blending sensuality and therapeutic touch. I provide massage in this very particular spirit because it brings me joy and satisfaction. If instead you desire a more interactive encounter or something strictly erotic without the focus on relaxation, then sensual companionship or a kinky session, depending on your preference, is the ideal choice.

Do you offer X service? What are your restrictions?

Tell me about your true desires... I'm quite open-minded and happy to discuss possibilities without judgment. Since I have many skills both sensual and kinky, please ask specific questions. I am always open to hearing you out, and there's a very good chance I can make your fantasy a reality. However, if your primary focus is on what list of acronyms I provide, it is likely that we'll be incompatible. I prefer to focus on the unique experience and connection between two individuals as we explore each other's mutual passions.

I appreciate the desire to respect my boundaries, so you should know that I only offer covered services (CBJ/CFS) and any attempt to negotiate barrier usage with lead to the swift end of our communication or rendezvous. I don't offer Greek. A few other notable restrictions of mine include blood play, heavy breath play, and scat. These are not services that I feel comfortable offering, but I wish you luck in seeking them elsewhere.

I am dominant. Do you offer sub or switch services?

No. I would be happy to entertain you for a massage session or an encounter of sensual companionship, and I enjoy enthusiastic egalitarian play, but I am not in any way submissive. If you are interested in learning about BDSM, I would be happy to offer an instructional topping session, as I believe learning from the bottom can be very useful.

If you attempt to dominate me or push my boundaries, I will tell you to stop. I will terminate our session if you persist, or without warning if you have crossed a boundary. There is no refund of my donation for sessions cut short due to your disrespect.

Do you see women or couples?

Absolutely! Bisexual (queer) by nature in my personal life, I am thrilled to provide companionship to both men and women (cis and trans), as well as people of other genders, and couples of any pairing. I offer a discount to all women and non-binary folks, and to other service providers in the sex industry. Please inquire for details.

Do you see people with disabilities?

Yes, of course! It is my goal to accommodate your needs as much as possible. Although my primary incall has poor physical accessibility, I can receive at an accessible space upon request, or I am happy to have an outcall to your location and waive my usual travel fee. I am petite, so there is an upper limit to my versatility for activities requiring height or strength, but I am compassionate and creative person, very willing to ensure an optimal experience.

May I bring a gift?

Of course! As with tips, gifts are never expected but always graciously appreciated. I prefer not to drink alcohol, but I am delighted by dark roast coffee (Kicking Horse is a safe bet, though I love discovering new roasts too). For something broader, a gift card from one of my favourite shops (Come As You Are, Northfork Bison, Icebreaker) is more than welcome. I also have an Amazon wishlist if you'd like to send a specific present in anticipation or fond remembrance of our time together. If a literary gift is more your style, I enjoy reading books about sex work or science fiction, as well as quirky graphic novels.

So... what happened to your chest?

In 2014, I voluntarily had a mastectomy (breast removal) for aesthetic reasons. It was not related to cancer in any way. I am entirely ecstatic about the outcome and take great pleasure in this unusual beauty, a pleasure that I enjoy sharing best with those who would appreciate it fully. I am otherwise female-assigned, with the usual anatomy that entails.

I am curious about sex work / becoming a sex worker. Can you teach me?

I am quite open to consulting with people who want to start sex work or expand/improve their existing business. Please send me a message about your area of interest, experience, and relevant skills within the industry so that we can set up an in-person meeting. I will expect that you have done basic research prior to contacting me. Serious inquiries only.

Please note, I work alone and do not employ anyone. I will only provide advice.

If you are interested in sex work for an interview or intellectual purposes only, you may book a social rendezvous with me at my usual rate.